Comments on reddit/twitter
»The core feature, the comment tree, is really, really good. Clean, interesting, robust, and clever. It is clearly perfect for tablets (…) it really does completely reframe the entirity of Reddit for me around the conversation.«
»The general design is very good with good clean layout choices, and a good attention to detail throughout. This is a strong focus on simplicity and readability, and I like it.«
»LOVE: the Comment Tree Layout. Beautiful, simple, clean, and very elegant approach to a challenging issue. This is, IMO, the best approach to true comment tree structures on Reddit.«
»Just installed Biscuit and I love it! ... I'm really digging the simplicity and minimalism.«
»I'm really loving the app by far the best reddit app I've used (ipad) and has some downright genius ideas.«
»OMG, I never knew the awesomeness of reddit. Thank you @biscuitapp for making reddit readable!«
Reviews on iTunes Store
»The clean interface now has several more gestures and tweaks in the 1.1 version, and a lovely night mode, and various other pleasantries, but the comment-tree structure remains such a compelling, approachable, and clear focus that I can't help but think that Reddit would be vastly improved if every redditor used Biscuit. «
»I really like Biscuit's focus on comments and the way you can drill down and see just the comments you want.«
»Great Reddit reader. Clean, easy to use, and super responsive. 5 stars. «
»This apps makes reading reddit even more enjoyable than it was already. Being able to navigate through the separate threads in the discussion makes it much easier to follow and participate.«
»It's a really nice app, with a unique way of browsing Reddit that I'm sure many users will appreciate.«
»Biscuit is the first app I've used on my iPad for browsing reddit, and within 15 minutes I'm completely ready to ditch Safari in favor of biscuiting. The UI is clean and intuitive; it's fun to navigate and I love the fact that OP comments are easily accessible.«
Reviews elsewhere
»I think it's very nicely done as a way to browse news [...] i have to say, i am a big fan of Biscuit for reddit now.« Leo Laporte, iPad today 174
»For me the highlight is that Biscuit makes Reddit a less alien, friendlier place. « AppFreak,