Rediscover Reddit

For some people, reddit is all about the frenzied information overload experience. In a way, it's like those 10 hour long YouTube videos: let's see how long you can endure.

We see reddit differently. We want to focus, dive deep, and read with dedication. So we built a reddit client for iPad to rediscover the reddit we used to love. A reddit beyond information overflow, far away from the wall of text you get in the browser.

We paid close attention to layout, typography and visual appearance. We poured in everything we learned about touch interaction since the iPad came out. Biscuit is pure iPad, and it feels right at home on iOS 7.

The Art of Controversy

But foremost, Biscuit is about the joy of following discussions. Instead of the web reddit wall of text experience – stimulative as it might be for some – we use an infinite canvas to arrange the comments in two dimensions; horizontally to drill down into an argument, vertically to read all the immediate replies.

Reading becomes choosing what you want to see. Because interaction is swift and smooth, this is a rather enjoyable experience. Biscuit preloads all comments you could choose to see next. Also, it indicates buried OP replies.

Meaningful Touch

We built in single-gesture voting and replying, because we believe that this kind of interaction is the backbone of reddit.

Like so often, it is hard to describe. Try it and you will discover a whole new way to enjoy reddit.

Reading experience in Biscuit is optimized for following discussions. This is ideal for going through discussion-heavy subs like IAmA, AskReddit and TIL. And don’t forget that you can set a column width that fits your needs with a simple pinch gesture!
Suddenly, making friends on reddit makes sense; Biscuit highlights your friends’ comments, so you always know whom you can trust (or better don’t trust). Also, it marks OP-comments, and shows you where OP-replies are hidden.
Vote and reply with easy to remember two-finger gestures: swipe up on a comment to vote up (and reverse), and swipe right to reply. Once you type your reply, you will find extra markdown keys, and even a ಠ_ಠ key. We hope you approve.
We’ve spared no efforts to make Biscuit beautiful. Typography, layout, white space, colors – we designed every little detail to make reading reddit a comfortable and tasteful experience – as long as you don’t read the wrong subs ;-)
  Biscuit is the work of (in alphabetical order)
Thomas Pamminger (visual design & killer of darlings),
Peter Purgathofer (concepts, interaction design & perseverance) and
Matthias Tretter (implementation & magician).
Also, we owe you one, Peter Holzkorn.